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Easy Chicken Pho

After a few days in Ho Chi Minh, I realised the secret behind the Vietnamese’s abundant reserves of energy & glowing skin, it’s probably their staple Pho (pronounces Ph:u) is a Noodle broth which is a super balanced meal in a bowl. Soup, sprouts, veggies, chicken & rice noodles. I made my version slightly spicier. So tuck into this on a winter evening & go to sleep with a happy belly :) Ingredients: 200g Chicken breast w/o skin10ml Sesame Oil1/2tsp grated ginger4 Cloves Garlic,  Read more

Quinoa-Apple Crumble

Ingredients: 4 Apples, peeled & sliced 250g Oats 200g Boiled Quinoa 30g Cold pressed Coconut oil 50g Coconut Sugar 75ml Organic Maple Syrup 3g Cinnamon Powder A pinch of Nutmeg 5ml Lemon Juice Method: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Toss the Apple slices with Lemon juice & Coconut Sugar. In another bowl, Combine the oats, quinoa, oil & maple. Season with Cinnamon & nutmeg. Layer the fruit in a dish & top with the oat-quinoa crumble. Bake for 30 minutes until the  Read more

Carrot & Seeds Muffins

Ingredients: 175g Whole wheat flour 50g Rice Flour 50g Oats 10g Baking Soda 2g Cinnamon Powder 1g Nutmeg Power Pinch of salt Pinch of Clove powder 10g Chia Seeds 15g Pumpkin Seeds 10g Sunflower seeds 45ml Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 150g Organic Maple Syrup 60g Greek Yoghurt 50g Skim Milk 200g Carrots, Peeled & Shredded 15g Walnut, Chopped. Method: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees & prepare Cupcake moulds with cupcake paper. Sift all the dry ingredie  Read more

Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot adds a sweetness to regular Hummus here, I add some Sesame for nuttiness. This creamy dip is surprisingly low in calories & has a good nutrition profile, it’s amazing with some flatbread & a nice vinegary salad. It even works beautifully as a spread for Avo-toast. Ingredients: 200g Cooked Chickpeas 100g Beetroot 2 Cloves Garlic 60ml Tahini paste 10ml Olive oil 1/2 tsp ground cumin 1/4 tsp paprika 20ml Lemon Juice Salt Fresh Parsley Cracked Black Pepper Toast  Read more

Ragi Pancakes

These are a Sunday staple for me! Ragi is an extremely underrated grain. It has a nice & nutty flavour profile along with multiple health benefits. These pancakes help me satisfy my sweet tooth without loading up on processed food. Ingredients:150g Ragi Flour20g Oats1 Full Egg1 Egg white150ml Skim/Almond/Coconut Milk10g Honey5ml Vanilla Essence3g Baking PowderA pinch of Salt10ml Cold Pressed Coconut OilMethod:In a Large Bowl Whisk together the Ragi flour, Oats & Baking Powder.Add The milk  Read more

Poached Fish With Spring onions

This Oriental-inspired dish is not only extremely healthy but also has a very delicate balance of flavours. It makes a light summery dinner without loading up on too much fat or carbs. I would suggest any mild white fish for the recipe though Salmon works well too.Ingredients:250g River Sole Fish cut into Fillets.4 Spring Onions2g Ginger1 Clove Garlic, CrushedA handful of Fresh Coriander SprigsLemon Zest5ml Soy Sauce10ml Sesame Oil50ml Rice wine/ White Wine100ml WaterSalt  Crushed Sichu  Read more

Gado Gado

This one’s a staple for me while holidaying in Bali, it helps me even out all the cheat meals at Potato Head & Da Maria. Fresh & Crunchy Vegetables with Soft Tofu tossed in a distinct peanut marinade. Try this out for your next dinner!Ingredients:2 Potatoes, Boiled, Peeled & Diced2 Eggs Boiled, Peeled & Quartered50g French Beans50g Asparagus50g Bell Peppers50g Beans Sprouts50g Carrots25g Onions25g Cucumber25g Tomato25g Spinach75g Silken Tofu150g Peanuts2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed15g Palm Sugar  Read more

Mango & Ponzu Salad

A light & zesty salad that combines this season’s best produce with a distinct Japanese Citrus. This salad balances tang with a hit of sweetness from the Mango, bitterness from Red Cabbage & finally,  the added textural element in the form of almonds. I sourced my Ponzu from Food Hall at The Chanakya.Ingredients :250g Mixed Salad Leaves from Krishi Cress10g Red Cabbage Micro Greens 20g Almonds15g Cucumber15g Red Bell Pepper30g Mango15ml Ponzu5ml Cold Pressed Sesame Oil3g Coconut Sugar1  Read more

Black Rice Salad

Originating from China, Black Rice is rich in antioxidants, protein & Fibre. This light & summery salad goes really well with just some grilled chicken on the side and makes for a very wholesome dinner. I usually get my Organic Black Rice from Malik Bros. in Defence Colony Market.Ingredients :1 Cup Black Rice1/2 Red Bell Pepper1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper2 Spring Onions1/2 Carrot1/2 Cucumber3 Orange SegmentsHandful of CilantroFor the Dressing:1 tbsp Cold Pressed Coconut Oil2 tsp Red Wine Vinegar1 t  Read more

Wafu Salad

This Vibrant looking Salad is so high on the taste scale! It’s light, summery & makes for a great starter. I love sopping up the extra dressing that remains beneath with some toast! It’s essentially Japanese & has a very interesting flavour profile.Ingredients :1 Red Cabbage1 Medium Carrot1 Onion5-10 Edamame1 CucumberFor the Dressing:20ml Light Soy Sauce10ml Sesame Oil10ml Rice Wine Vinegar3g Honey3g Sesame SeedsMethod:Finely Shred the Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber & Onion. Place in a large bow  Read more

Harissa Fish

This is an extremely flavorful dish that’s low on calories & has a good nutritious profile. Harrissa is a Chilli based spread with vibrant herby undertones and is used majorly in middle eastern cuisine. It’s perfect for a light dinner served with a good helping of greens & some couscous! Ingredients:10 Dried Red Chillies1 medium Red Bell Pepper1 tsp Caraway Seeds1 tsp Cumin Seeds1/2 tsp Coriander powder1/4 tsp PaprikaSalt2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed2 Sundried TomatoesA handful, Fresh Mint Le  Read more

Iced Almond Coffee

Caffeine is probably the most common addiction in the world. I just feel everything is okay for you as long as you consume it in moderation. I love iced coffee! It’s the perfect drink for summer afternoons when you want a quick caffeine fix. We can leave the steamy cups of cappuccinos for the winter. Summer is all about light & chilled drinks just like this one!Ingredients:LOTS of Ice100ml Almond Milk1 heaped tsp of Coffee ( I used Amaretto flavoured coffee)5ml Organic Maple Syrup70ml  Read more


A meal-in-a-bowl before the concept even came into existence, Frumenty is essentially a Porridge and has origins in the 13th century. This humble highly nutritious dish is touted to be England’s oldest national dish and used to be served in a classic Celtic Christmas Dinner. It came out of oblivion when Heston Blumenthal decided to serve it at dinner. In spite of it’s long, rich history, it makes a fantastic breakfast dish power packed with nutrition!   Ingredients: 75g C  Read more

Forest Gazpacho

Essentially a cold soup originating from Spain, It’s ideal for hot temperatures. It’s originally made from humble veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, bread and oil. I obviously give it my twist and pack it with more nutritious and low calories ingredients. Give it a try, I sometimes add ice cubes to it & drink it up on the go!   Ingredients: 1 small pack Plain Epigamia Yoghurt 30g Olive oil 1 Clove Garlic, Crushed 10ml Lemon Juice 50ml White wine. 1 slice Multigra  Read more

Melon & Mascarpone Salad

Delhi Summer is pure cruel. The hot winds, harsh sun & dry heat get to the best of us. I prefer making light salads for this season as these are high on fibre, taste & serve chilled. This one has a good balance of flavour as the sweetness of the melons complements the bitterness from the leaves and is cut by the creaminess of the mascarpone.   Ingredients:   1 Musk Melon 350gm Mixed Leaves ( I source mine from Krishi Cress)  200gm Mascarpone 20gm Melon Seeds  Read more

Almond Milk Soup

This is a lifesaver for people who suffer from Lactose intolerance. It’s also a fantastic source of protein & good fat. Once you get the hang of making your own almond milk, there’s no turning back! This is just one recipe that uses almond milk and it has the ability to replace regular milk in almost anything. Start with this soup & then let your imagination run wild!     Ingredients:   •         200g Almonds •         500ml Water •     Read more

Nutty Quinoa Salad

Quinoa isn’t just a food trend, it’s a revolution. Every few years an ingredient gets its due credit & becomes a household staple, it’s time for Quinoa to shine. A super grain, packed with protein & nutrients, I gladly replace my brown rice with it but my favourite method of having it is in salads. This ultra-creamy walnut dressing adds a lot of character to the dish.Ingredients:40g Quinoa (Red/White)20g Carrot20g Cucumber20g Red Onion20g Red Cabbage50g Assorted Bell PepperHandful  Read more

Broccoli Soup

I know how nutritious Broccoli is. I also hate it. As a result, I have to keep finding creative ways to make myself ingest it. This simple light broth is flavourful and possible one of the lowest calorie soups I make. The whole point is a liquid consommé style broth with crunchy veggies & no thickeners like cream & cornflour.Ingredients:100g Broccoli cut into small florets20g Celery, finely chopped1 clove Garlic, finely chopped350ml WaterSaltBlack PepperA pinch of Mace40ml Slim Mil  Read more

Rocket & Strawberry Salad

This is my go-to Salad recipe. Bitter Rocket leaves mellow down with baby Spinach tossed in a fruity Strawberry Vinaigrette. Topped with Bocconcini & Toasted Almonds. It’s refreshing & zesty. The dressing can be made in advance and stored for a week in the fridge. Ingredients:1 bunch Rocket Leaves1 Bunch Baby Spinach4 Bocconcini balls, cut into halves10g Almonds, roughly chopped100g Strawberries20ml Balsamic Vinegar5ml Red Wine Vinegar1 Pod Garlic, crushed2g Dijon Mustard5ml Olive OilS  Read more

The Trail-Mix of All Trail-mixes!

Due to the explosion of the ‘super-food’ trend, we’re all aware of just exactly how amazing nuts & seeds are for us. The sheer amount of good fats, vitamins, proteins etc in these little nuggets make them essential for us if we’re trying to eat clean. In order to combat unhealthy snack cravings, I came up with this perfectly balanced Sweet, Salty & nutty trail mix. Carry it everywhere with you.Ingredients:AlmondsWalnutsPecansPumpkin SeedsFlax SeedsBlack Sesame SeedsWhite Sesame  Read more

Bajra cookies

Another treasure from Chef Rajiv at Pema! I am addicted to digestive biscuits (a year in London does that to you). To cut extra carbs and get more nutrition from this biscuit craving, these cookies use Bajra instead of flour. High protein, high fiber and delish!Total yield (gms)     :          15 No.s  Portion size             :          1 No.  Number of servings :          15 No.sTotal calories           :          1167.2 kCalCalories per por  Read more

Veggie Panzanella

An Italian take on a greek salad, the concept is the same but the flavors are decidedly Italiano. On the days when I feel like indulging in it or when I serve it in shot glasses at parties, I end up adding chunks of bocconcini to it. This is a classic example of breaking away from the 'salad means lettuce' stereotype.   Ingredients: 15g Onion 50g Tomato 25g Cucumber 15g Green Bell pepper 15g Yellow Bell pepper 15g Red Bell pepper 15g Celery stalk 10 Basil Leaves 10 Capers 1  Read more

Pumpkin & Coconut Soup

Inspired by Indian Accent’s old Amuse Bouche, this pumpkin and coconut soup has a predominant Indian flavor and is filling without loading up on calories. A winter evening hit, I serve this with some fresh chèvre & dill on tostadas.    Ingredients: 1/2 Red Pumpkin, roughly diced 1 onion, finely sliced 1/2 stalk celery, diced 1 pod garlic, crushed  1 bay leaf 1 stick cinnamon 200 ml coconut milk/15g coconut milk powder dissolved in water salt white pepper garam masala oli  Read more

Mexican tomato soup

Tomato soup is a staple in most Indian households, The Brits taught us soup & breadsticks for supper and this tradition feels like home on most winter nights. A regular tomato soup generally gets its character & shine from dollops of Amul Butter. To avoid the calories and change things  a bit, I’ve made a lighter and fresher tomato soup with Mexican undertones.   Ingredients : 100g Ripe tomatoes, chopped 600g Homemade chicken stock 3g Paprika 3g Cumin 20g American Corn 50g Gree  Read more

Indonesian Spinach salad

I end up making this salad when I’m trying to eat clean. Eating clean is a huge challenge for me as consistency is the key. I also get sick of repetitive textures very soon, so, salads with large leaves that require endless chewing can’t hold my imagination for too long. Finer than a fattoush in texture, this one's bursting with flavour and will make you feel like Popeye at least for a little while. Ingredients: 250g Spinach, julienned 50g Onions, finely chopped 40g Tomat  Read more

Cocoa Orange Dessert

At the end of my ten days at Pema wellness resort, Chef Rajiv served up this dessert. After 10 days of clean eating, one bite of this sent me to dessert heaven. I badgered him for the recipe and he finally obliged me with a little demo. This is 150 calories for a 100 grams - the lightest dessert imaginable. Ingredients: 100g Greek Yoghurt 5g Cocoa powder, Dark & Dutch-processed 10g Palm sugar 1g Chopped skinless Almonds 1g Raisins, chopped 2 mint leaves, julienned 1g  Read more

Broccoli & orange salad

I hate Broccoli. I’m one of those 90’s American sitcom kids who had to be tricked into eating their greens, specially Broccoli. Unfortunately, nobody tricks me anymore and I do respect the vegetable for its nutritional content. This salad is the only way I manage to ingest broccoli without it giving me the heebie-jeebies!   Ingredients: 100gms Broccoli 100gms Orange slices, skins & seeds removed 20g Onion, finely chopped 30g Green Bell pepper, finely chopped 40g Green Beans,  Read more

Super Coconut Water

Delhi's summers are cruel. Dry, hot winds permeate even the strongest of Air Conditioning. It’s imperative to hydrate at this time and sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. Coconut water is really good for you at a time like this as coconut water helps replenish essential minerals in the body. I like this drink a lot and it beats any aerated drink or cold pressed juice available in the market.    Ingredients: 200 ml Fresh Coconut water 10g Coconut flesh 2g Mint leaves, finely chop  Read more