Cinnamon Rolls

This failsafe recipe is ideal for some Weekend baking, Make it fresh & serve straight from the oven! Warm, yeasty & full of Cinnamon these babies are ideal with a hot cup of coffee! Ingredients: Dough 200ml Warm milk7g Dry yeast/10g fresh yeast2 eggs75g Unsalted Butter, melted2g salt100g sugar520g Flour2g Baking powder5g vital wheat gluten powder80g Cream Filling: 110g Butter, melted200g Brown sugar10g Cinnamon powderFrosting:1 packet cream cheese20g Unsalted  Read more

Spiced Apple Pie-Cake

Winter’s finally around the corner, welcome it with this caramelised and spicy Apple cake, it’s a move away from the traditional pie and yet is baked in a tart mould, Caramel & CInnamon waft through the air, prepare it right before you have guests and forget your diffusers for a while! Ingredients:1 Apple Peeled, Cored & Sliced into rings2 sticks of Cinnamon50g Unsalted Butter, softened100g Brown Sugar10ml Old Monk Rum135g Flour2g Baking Powder3g Cinnamon Powder100g Unsalted Butter  Read more

Chocolate & Zucchini Cake

On popular demand! This healthy yet indulgent treat is perfect for weekend breakfasts, a moist crumb, a bitter offset from the cocoa & hidden greens, this one's surprisingly a huge hit even with fussiest of eaters & i can swear you'll never be able to tell there's Zucchini in it!Ingredients:120g Whole wheat flour28g Dutch-processed Cocoa powder ( I use Hershey’s)4g Baking soda2g Baking Powder3g Instant CoffeeA pinch of Salt175g Brown Sugar10g Honey100ml Vegetable oil/ Cold Pressed C  Read more

Ice Cream Cake

This is my all-time-favourite cheat! When I crave cake or need sponge for a recipe and I’m short on time, this comes to my rescue. It sounds weird when I tell you to bake ice cream, trust me you’ll end up with a lovely sponge! Once you master this easy-peasy cake, play with any ice cream flavours you’d like, it’s foolproof! Ingredients:300g Vanilla Ice cream225g Flour5g Baking PowderChocolate Chips/Walnuts (Optional)Method:Preheat oven to 165 degreesIn a large bowl, Let your ice  Read more

Walnut Cinnamon Streusel Cake

This crumbly & moist cake is perfect for rainy days when you have a nice, frothy cup of cappuccino in your hand. It’s not too sweet or nutty. It really does strike the right balance.Ingredients :For the Streusel:150g Flour40g Brown Sugar3g Cinnamon Powder120g Butter30g Chopped WalnutsFor the Filling:20g Chopped Walnuts20g Brown Sugar2g CinnamonFor the Cake Batter:110g Unsalted Butter100g Castor Sugar2 Eggs5 ml Vanilla Essence70g Yogurt150g Flour5g Baking Powder2g Cinnamon Powder 1g SaltMe  Read more

chocolate sauce recipe

Are you ready? This is my fail-safe recipe for Chocolate sauce. It’s a huge deal for me to share this here, since it’s one of my signature recipes. This is probably the best Chocolate sauce you’ve ever had. It’s eerily similar to a particular hot chocolate fudge sundae I used to devour as a kid. Today, I like serving it on Vanilla Bean Crème Ice Cream with some fresh figs sliced on top. Put it on anything your heart fancies! Waffles, Toasted Brioche, Ice cream etc.  I always have a  Read more

Ricotta & Salted Caramel Dessert

A lot of people crib about the high level of sugar in desserts in India, my husband being one of them. It is true that most desi mithais are loaded with sugar and our palette does like that kick of it. This particular dessert isn’t really a cheesecake or an entremet. It’s a fluffy Ricotta crème on a digestive biscuit base, topped with a glistening toffee sauce, salted nuts & seeds. It’s something I came up with after trying a particular dessert in a small café in a re  Read more

Pâté Sucrée

A good Sweet Shortcrust pastry recipe is probably one of the staples any baker should have in their arsenal. Look no further, this one’s no fuss and mostly foolproof. The art is in the lining of the tart shell. This is my go-to recipe whenever I bake sweet tarts like Chocolate Ganache, Lemon crème, Berries & a Grand Marnier infused crème. Pro tip: It’s a good idea to brush the insides of the tart with some white chocolate before filling them out to retain their cr  Read more


A lovely French cake-cookie hybrid that nuns created few centuries ago, Financiers are quite undervalued. They owe their name to their rectangular shape that makes them resemble small bars of Gold. These crisp-on-the-outside yet soft & gooey on the inside petit fours may remind you of a Madeleine but these have a nutty undertone, thanks to the addition of beurre noissette. I give mine a tiny twist. Like everything is made better by dipping them in chocolate, Financiers are no exception!Ing  Read more

Chiffon Cake

I don’t get the hype with Velvet cake, be it red, blue or any other chemical food colour. What I do understand is the comparison of the texture of the sponge with a fabric. But even here, A velvet cake is easily out-shined by a Chiffon cake. A much lighter, airier & sturdy sponge. A chiffon cake falls more into the ambit of American baking but is lovely nonetheless. Versatile enough to take on any flavour from Lemon to Blueberry, it’s a stunner when stacked with fresh sweet cream &  Read more

Fig & Pear Torte

This is the perfect winter dessert, There’s something very British about it. It’s ideal to bring out when dinner’s done with & your guests have cracked open a bottle of that lovely Cognac. The fruitiness of the Pear is complemented by the butter in the cake, the sweetness of the figs go amazingly well with the Ginger & Cinnamon. Warm, spicy & Best served with Crème Anglaise.Ingredients:200g Flour10g Baking Powder1g Salt4g Baking Soda100g Yoghurt50ml Milk180g Unsalted Butt  Read more

Dense & Decadent Dark Chocolate Loaf

There are certain days where all you want to do is curl up in bed all day and lay all your clean-eating plans to rest. For those days, this dense & decadent dark chocolate loaf is a savior! Have it straight out of the oven with a scoop of Vanilla bean Ice-cream, The warm Chocolate callets will still be melty & the toasty walnuts set them off perfectly! Ingredients:200g Unsalted Butter225g Brown Sugar120g Dark Chocolate ( Callebaut 54%)2 Eggs, Lightly beaten185g Flour5g Baking Powder2g Bak  Read more


Sablé is French for shortbread. It’s one of those wonders that are produced when you take humble ingredients like flour, butter & eggs and make magic. Rolled thin it’s the perfect tart shell, rolled thick it’s what cookie dreams are made of. It’s best made with butter with a high-fat content like Normandy butter or Breton since Butter provides all the structure here. It’s adaptable to most flavours, I like mine with a hint of vanilla and a topping of chopped toasted Almonds, even Le  Read more

Brandy Snaps

These wafer-thin cookies have a distinct caramel taste. It’s a little unfair to categorise them as cookies as for me they feel a lot more sophisticated. I enhance them with ginger that showcases the nuttiness of the caramel & Lemon zest that balances it out. You can shape them as Cannolis & fill them with whipped cream, dip them in chocolate or serve as a garnish on Vanilla bean ice cream.Ingredients:75g Flour75g Butter75g Brown Sugar25g Honey 1/4 tsp Fresh ground Ginger1/4 tsp Lem  Read more

Raspberry Preserve

Raspberries are officially my favourite berry! They are quite hard to get by in Delhi so, whenever I find them I end up making batches of this preserve. This can be watered down to make a coulis or if left chunky it can also work as a compote. It’s just lovely by itself on toast or as cake filling.Ingredients:250g Raspberries200g Caster Sugar2-3g Lemon Zest5ml Grand Marnier (optional)Method:In a large sauce pan, add the raspberries & caster sugar.Slow cook till the raspberry juice  Read more


A really good breakfast option for when you’re on the go, want a change from the usual or crave dessert all the time like me. It’s super easy to make and isn’t full of empty calories like cereal or pancakes. I like topping mine with fresh berries, bananas and toasted pecans. Ingredients:400g Greek Yoghurt200g Condensed milk1/2 pod Vanilla beanToppings like berries, cut fruit, granola, nuts, seeds & preserves optional Method:Spilt the Vanilla bean and scrape out t  Read more

Pain Perdu + Brûlée Banana

This is what Sunday binge dreams are made of! A chance recipe I came up with when I wanted to do a slightly special breakfast in Goa, this is foolproof and the little surprise inside goes a loooong way!   Ingredients: Leftover Brioche slices 2 Eggs  15 ml cream 5g Caster Sugar 2 ml Vanilla essence ( Bush will do) 10g Unsalted butter 2 bananas 10g Caster Sugar Nutella 10g Callebaut Dark Chocolate callets Powdered Sugar   Method: In a shallow dish,  Read more

Lemon curd recipe

A foolproof sauce/custard/preserve, this multi-functional crème is super versatile and really high on the taste factor. Tangy Italian lemons with sweet undertones get cut by rich butter with a custard-like consistency because of the eggs. Extremely easy to make, I love using it as a tart filling, macaron center preserves with scones or even in cakes, baked or otherwise!   Ingredients: 120g Lemon juice Zest of 2 lemons 200g castor sugar 3 egg yolks  75g butter softened 10ml Limon  Read more

Lemon cake recipe

A light and lemony sponge, this cake gets its airy texture and fine crumb from the meringue I fold into it. A step away from the classic buttery lemon cake, this sophisticated and delicate sponge is a refreshing change. I do bring hints of a classic lemon cake into this recipe sometimes by layering the cake batter with lemon curd to give an intense and gooey lemon flavor. Either way, it’s divine!   Ingredients:   100g flour 2g baking soda 2g salt 200g +15g sugar 3 eggs,  Read more

creme anglaise

A Crème Anglaise is one of the first things we’re taught in Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu. One of the building blocks of patisserie, it literally translates to ‘English Cream’. Essentially a custard, this is one of the most versatile sauces I use extremely often when I’m off creating new entremets. I may play with flavours and new techniques and textures but a basic technique I stick to is this one. The flavours you can add to it are endless and it always gives your trifle a gourmet f  Read more


Brioche is the king of the carb world. A classic French dough with the usual ingredients found in bread are enhanced with butter and eggs. Humble butter & eggs elevate this bread onto a whole new level. Brioche is best eaten by itself because of its rich characteristic that one can make a dessert brioche by adding chocolate pellets, nuts or macerated fruit. It’s lovely as a sandwich bread, toasted with lemon curd and blueberries but my favourite is pain perdu made with leftover  Read more