Pegasus supposedly means a lightning bolt in Greek Mythology and well, the food at this establishment does nothing short of leaving one awestruck. I’ve been to this place thrice in the last one year on three different trips and it never ceases to amaze me every single time. 

With an ever-changing menu, a typically Scandinavian space, this place is industrial, retro & has quirky service. The cheque always has a little note attached that lightens your mood. From ‘You’ve got a great smile’ to ‘Have an awesome evening ahead,’ they’re personal, sweet & warm.

The restaurant has been going strong since 1962 & such a long life can only be sustained by keeping up with the time. Modern European food executed with fine Estonian produce & intriguing mixology. This time around, we ordered for their snack platter to share which came with 3 dips - a Bacon & Green Pea dip, an Olive Tapenade & Beetroot Hummus served with a pickled green fava bean salad and mixed seed crackers. We then got the Apple & Celery soup, the fried Cod & the Duck. Their classic Dessert that never goes off the highly dynamic menu is the Blackberry Mouse served with meringue shards in a mint & lavender milk. It’s genius!

Fresh flavours, neat plating & high-quality ingredients are the foundation block of this restaurant and they also throw in the ‘Best Bread EVER’ which is a multigrain loaf specked with an array of seeds served with a soft butter with sea salt crystals. Just go for the Bread & the Semolina Mousse. You won’t regret it! 


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