Let's Roll

Overlooking the Qutub Minar, En is a little gem tucked away at Ambawata One. Touted as a classic Japanese fine dining restaurant, En is predominantly full of Japanese expats, tourists and smattering of Indians.

 If it wasn’t overlooking this monument that gives it it’s characteristically ethnic finish it could’ve been in any bustling Japanese Metropolitan. 
I went to their Sushi festival on a sunny Saturday afternoon and came back very happy. I’ve been to En before, A handful of times over the past few years but somehow I never managed to go regularly. 

Every time I went there though, my last thought while leaving always used to be on the lines of wanting to visit this establishment more often.

They started us with a little platter of sorts that had the nicest Lotus Root Kimchi, A Shirae inspired salad & Tuna. What followed next was pure indulgence. A Sushi tasting board that looked humongous and my first thought was ‘I probably can’t finish this’. Well, guess who proved herself wrong! 
7 types of Sushi each with a distinct flavour profile & presentation. So, even though the whole board was pretty crowded, it was worth it. In the Non-Veg Platter what really stood out was predictably the California roll. 

Succulent Crab mixed with creamy Avocado & topped with Roe, this one was to die for with their high-quality Wasabi & Gari that had a kick to it. 
The Egg & Cheese roll & The Mago & Chicken roll also stood out for their unique flavour pairings & quirk factor. 

The Vegetarian Board was no less either, I gorged shamelessly on their Asparagus Tempura Roll which was crunchy, creamy & luscious. Their Vegetarian California roll, however, wasn’t even a patch on its crab counterpart. 
Another unique Roll I haven’t had ever was Okra & Capsicum. Bhindi in Sushi is a first for me but it pleasantly surprised me!

Then their Japanese Chef, Marita came out with a cracker of a dish. We were stuffed but we managed to make room for these prawns that were so succulent & flavourful. 
Chilli well balanced out by Umami & just a hint of sweetness. I’m ready to drive down for 45 minutes to just grab a portion of this.

We finished with their cheesecake which was pleasant but not Japanese. I would highly recommend this for a cute-sy date night or Sunday brunch with your gang.
 Extremely high-quality ingredients are spun into magic by this ever-so-sweet chef & the Qutub is just the Tempura flakes on this pretty mean Sushi!


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