An old belief when it comes to restaurants is that if the people of the country the cuisine is from are dining there, the food must be authentic. 
This stands true for Kofuku. So, even though Japan has been on my to-travel list for aeons now, I haven’t gotten around to planning a trip there yet. 
My affair with Japanese food can already begin from Kofuku.
The misnomer that Japanese food is just Sushi is very gladly broken by this restaurant. Low Japanese seating, cane, minimalism; things that are synonymous with Japanese culture are very apparent here. The private booth we got added a lot of je ne sais quoi to our experience. The call button for the server really brought out the naughty child in us. Lovely lamps, sitting bare feet and noshing on Sushi. ’Twas a fun evening.
 We ordered for a Vegetarian Sushi Sampler. It was a humongous portion and the sheer variety of Sushi was staggering. Fresh good quality seaweed, Gari that seemed to be a step away from the usual, Creamy Wasabi. It’s a big thumbs up!

We followed it up with a Chicken Teriyaki that was alright. A pan Grilled Fish that came swimming in a zingy chilli broth, a 5 Spice Chicken that was succulent but what really stood out was the Chicken Katsu Curry. It was so good, we ordered a double portion! Mild yet flavorful Katsu curry with crunchy carrots & soft potatoes served with white rice and a crisp crumb fried fillet of Chicken. 
This is comfort food on steroids. We also ordered a Gari based Mocktail that tasted a little too fermented but that can be ignored. 
I would give this no-nonsense place a big pat on the back for their simplicity and fabulous flavors. It’s going to be my go-to for Japanese home-style food.


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