Delhi’s first French Tea House

Tucked away in a quiet corner of a recently refurbished ‘Palace’ in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi, L’Opera Salon de Thé is Delhi’s first French Salon that takes inspiration from the likes of Angelina on Rue De Rivoli.

Even though Angelina is notorious for celebrity clientele and once upon a time boasted of regulars like Coco Chanel & Proust, L’opera though a quarter in size, is quickly becoming a favourite for the capital’s swish set. 

Neighbouring Chor Bizarre, an icon on its own for Kashmiri Cuisine, L’opera is the second establishment in the once forlorn princely palace.


Bikaner House, like many other stately houses around India Gate, was forgotten, abandoned and in shambles.
 Now, it has been carefully redone by one of the top Conservation Architects of the city Abha Narain Lamba and gives a very lofty, minimalist yet stately vibe.
 Classic Lutyen’s designs are still apparent here like the high ceilings & thick walls but it’s got a modern update along with this lovely Salon.

Following true to the French counterparts, this salon is in a decidedly Belle-Époque style with looming crystal chandeliers, large French windows, glass laden walls, rushed curtains and delicate wrought iron furniture for the outdoor seating.

The gleaming white marble counter is the perfect setting for dainty pâtisserie, sophisticated tarts line up with glamorous mini entremets which are as pretty as peach macarons. 

They’ve omitted their boulangerie section in this branch. What follows this enticing display is a concise menu offering classic French disheslike Croque Monsieur & Vol-Au-Vents. Then is the time for their piece de resistance, a fairly comprehensive selection of teas with the usual Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Milkshake options. 

They do have a brunch of the weekends that runs for the most part of the day and beautiful little white marble tables with boasts of cheeses, cold cuts, salads, viennoiserie and fresh orange juice
To supplement this, one can order a main from the menu and that is obviously followed by a selection from their Pâtisserie.
 I’ve never honestly been too much of a fan of their Khan Market outpost. The Oberoi Pâtisserie close by, always seemed like a much better option.

Even though, their selection boasts of most of the French classics, I always found them lacking in flavor and their macarons were another sob story altogether. 
This Salon, however, has forced me to reconsider and after trying some desserts here, I can say they didn’t blow my mind but they weren’t half bad either. I’m still perennially scared of trying their macarons but this place has my heart for a lazy Sunday Brunch, especially when the weather’s nice or maybe a nice cup of tea with a Madeleine to dip it in!


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