Bar guide to Prague

If you’ve been reading my work, you must have figured out that I’m really not an out-till-6am at a club kind of a girl ( No judgement on those who do, I don’t know where you get those abundant energy reserves form) Weekends for me very very rarely involve a glass of wine that knocks me right to sleep.
 A trip to Prague appeared on the cards in May & I was excited since this would be after a gap of 8 long years. Prague I’m sure would’ve changed a lot too in this time period, as have I! After a little bit of research on things to do & places to see, one thing came to the fore - Prague was now synonymous with Mixology and had a raging nightlife. Now, on holiday I really like to explore all facets of the city I’m in and it’s all about living like the locals. ( Hey! When in Prague do as the Romans do ;-0) 
Here’s a round-up of my picks when it comes to Mixology! If there’s one place I have to begin with, it has to be L’Fleur. This one’s a slice of good ol’ Paris in Praha. A mixology + Champagne concept. L’fleur is intimate yet not overcrowded and I know people solely repeat it for it’s Golden Globe. 

Creativity at it’s best with hints of Coconut, Lime & Chocolate, Their Mona Lisa on another table also looked extremely fascinating- It came with a Polaroid sized Mona Lisa hanging off the edge of a crystal tumbler. They even have some out there concoctions like a Goat’s cheese Martini. This Belle Epoque Bar is one of Prague’s finest. 

The next Best Bar is an amalgamation of Parisian & American accents.  I really recommend Hemingway for a relaxed, cosy & grandfatherly vibe. Named after the prolific writer, this has leather-bound editions of his works peppered across the bar. The ambience is like visiting an old friend’s study. The service was efficient & our bartender helped us out with some great recommendations.

 Absinthe appears pretty frequently on the menu since it was a personal favourite of the writer’s. Some out there cocktails have ingredients like Ghee, Kombucha, Banana Chips & Scrabble tiles. I ordered for a champagne-based cocktail that came with an ice lolly & a cognac-coffee concoction that came in a Starbucks styrofoam style cup, With the name sketched across of course! It isn’t the 24th best bar in the world for nothing! 
The Parlour tucked away in Wenceslas Square is another cool concept. There is literally no signage so, it takes a while to spot, It also has no menu, No wifi & no card machines. The bartender patiently takes down your flavour & liquor preferences. Something Bespoke is concocted & if you like it, I suggest get a repeat. You probably won’t get it again, here or anywhere else in this world. This place really does give you the feeling of sitting in someone’s living room. Try your hand at the chess board if you’re sober enough for it. 

Anonymous was literally across the street from my apartment & we left it for our last night. Inspired by the Online network of activists & hackers, the bartenders here wear the same Masque while playing with fire 7 doing some old school theatrics while preparing your drink. Similar to the Hacker group that has no distinct philosophy or political ideology, the bar here has no distinct theme except some really good mixology. We tried a really light & sweet cocktail that came with frothy egg white & was presented on a precariously balanced knife. The Bartender also made us try some house made Vodka infusions that were intriguing. This is the most dramatic bar in all of Prague & has the power to slightly intimidate you. A huge shout out to James Dean as well that’s based on the American Actor and doubles up as a fantastic breakfast place along with an old-school bar. I would also like to put it out there that no trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Reduta Jazz Club for some really good Acoustics & a fab evening!


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