Beet Caviar dip

At a lovely Bistro in Moscow, I came across a dish that roughly translated to Beet Caviar. It was basically a dip with Beetroot as the hero. It felt amazing to gobble up with some Russian bread on a cold Moscow day. After Badgering the server a little bit for the recipe, I managed to make a similar one at home, albeit not identical. Serve it at your next party or slather it on some toasted Sourdough for those nights in.

  • 2 Large Beetroots, Peeled
  • 2 Pods Garlic, Crushed
  • 3 Medjoul Dates
  • A small bunch of coriander leaves
  • 5ml Lemon Juice
  • 8 Walnuts
  • Salt
  • Black pepper 
  • 2gms Paprika

  • Score the beetroots with a knife, rub the olive oil & bake for 40 minutes or until soft at 180 degrees
  • In a dry pan, toast the walnuts & set aside 
  • Pit & dice the dates
  • In a blender, put the baked beetroot, walnuts, garlic, coriander, lemon juice, Paprika & black pepper. If it's too dry, add some olive oil.
  • Adjust salt to taste
  • Serve hot or chilled.


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