Centre of Attraction in a Wedding (After the bride of course!)

Since its opening in 2009, Indian Accent has subtly acquired the top spot in every must-visit list ever made since then for Delhi. A place in the top 50 restaurants in the world only enforced the idea that was already forming that a ‘star’ is born.
Thoughts, opinions, and reviews on this establishment are a dime a dozen. A confirmed reservation in the first call itself is one of the most coveted things in the city of Delhi! But today I don’t want to talk about the restaurant; Indian Accent has another concept not very well publicized – Indian Accent at Home
Being a regular patron of their foie gras galoutis with strawberry chutney (back when it wasn’t banned), Goat cheese Bharwan Mirch & Daulat ki chaat, when the time came for me to plan my wedding, it was a tick on my bucket-list when I got them to cater for one of my smaller pre-wedding functions. 
From the word GO, Indian Accent has a certain charm and their packed schedule only adds to it, to make them accommodate my function so late in the day (3 months in advance). I had to shift the dates around.
A warm and friendly visit from Chef Shantanu Mehrotra (Executive Chef) removed all my apprehensions. He solely came to discuss the menu and after making sure my favorites were incorporated one way or another, the conversation shifted to food and the sheer passion with which their kitchen operates. From Mutton in Lucknow to Rabri in Mathura, the respect given to indigenous dishes in one of the top 50 restaurants in the world is commendable. 

Even though the catering lacked some of the presentation styles you get used to in the restaurant (chuski in the toy pressure cookers and the charpoy of memories), the flavors are still there and the quality is not compromised even when working with larger numbers.

The service was polite and non-intrusive; though I did miss interacting with Palki, their manager – no visit to the establishment is complete without her infectious smile and intelligent conversation. The food was top-notch and classics from the restaurant were complemented extremely well with the never heard before catering dishes like the caramel pepper prawns. While some components were lifted from the existing restaurant menu and presented in new ways, their pulled lamb boti now came in tart shells instead of roomali pancakes! 

The highlight of the evening for me, despite being the ‘bride’ was the kulcha bar, 4 types of kulchas, each better than the other. The apple smoked bacon kulchas finished before they even came out of the tandoor and the truffle mushroom kulchas imparted sweet, musky incense near the food area. My personal favorite though was the butter chicken kulcha, a sweet, tangy and rich butter chicken encased in a soft melt-in-the-mouth kulcha laden with butter. I must have had at least 7 that night.

Even if it’s a tad heavy on the pocket, I would highly recommend their catering services to anyone who appreciates quality and doesn’t mind paying for it. So, if you’re getting married soon or want to celebrate a special occasion with a select few (they don’t do triple digits) please give Indian Accent enough notice and enjoy a remarkable evening - at home.


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