A product from the house of café Lota, Triveni Terrace Café is another little gem! Set inside Triveni Kala Sangam that greets you with its pretty as a punch amphitheater and 2 galleries. And as a result, this has much more buzz compared to the Arts and Crafts Museum Café Lota is based out of. A smaller and cozier space with a charming outdoor setting, Triveni Terrace Café serves some staple Lota dishes and some never-seen-before fare.
 I practically jumped out of my seat when I saw the Palak   Patta     Chaat on the menu because it is seriously  YUM!   A Café Lota Classic, it’s served here in a smaller portion but with just the same punch. I also tried their Triveni Mutton Shami Kebabs that were slightly underdone and had to be sent back, but once pan-fried properly were melt-in-the-mouth and had just the right amount of spice. I followed it up with their Chicken Idli, which was a Ghee Roast Chicken (Sorry Jamun but it beats your Ghee Roast Mutton out of the park) on a bed of ‘Thatte Idli’ made form sabudana and poha.

While the chicken on top was succulent and flavourful, the Thatte Idli is something I tried for the first time and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It wasn’t as spongy as a regular rice idli, but had a slightly Upma-like texture and was much lighter; a super thumbs-up for that!

I ended with the Kashmiri Thali which, with its very interesting description on the menu set my expectations very high. What I really liked was the eggplant, the yellow paneer, and the creamy walnut chutney. What I didn’t enjoy much, singularly because of its high spice content, was the dum aloo but what I unashamedly enjoyed and asked extra of was the crispy lotus stem chips! 

The Cutting Chai was again a classic from Café Lota, I will probably repeat this establishment just to try their Pakodas around tea-time and their quirky and interesting desserts (Hello Aampapad with Dark chocolate! Are you the food trend we’ll be rooting for in 2018?)


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