Beach Club guide to Bali

I hate clubbing. There I said it! Unlike millennials around me who wait for the weekend to stand in snaking queues for hours around the globe to get into the hottest club of their city for a few hours of getting jostled by strangers in dark places and wafting BO.
I don’t understand the point of putting so much makeup on your face when one can’t see it in the dim lighting and let alone hear you over the decibel damaging levels of music. Okay, enough about my two cents on clubbing.

I clearly am not a very ‘Shots! Shots! Shots!’ kind of person; I also don’t really drink. But, hey! I’m not a bore either. I feel Bali is made for people like me. Their Beach Clubs really know how to hit the sweet spot between buzzing and relaxed.

I would any day pick lounging on a beach bed with a glass of chilled sangria, some lovely tapas-style munchies waiting for the sun to set with maybe a captivating read in hand over EDM & shots in a club. A place I steer clear of as a result is Rock Bar. It’s overhyped, overcrowded and really not worth the long drive in my opinion. 

My favourite spot in the whole world to do this is hands down PotatoHead Beach Club in Bali. If you get there early, I mean 4pm early you manage to get a beach bed right by their infinity pool overlooking Seminyak Beach. 
It’s THE spot to lounge around for hours on end, munching on their hand-cut fries with Sambal, sipping on the best Iced Coffee on the island, people-watching while listening to foot-tapping beats & taking a dip in their surprisingly clean pool. The whole vibe from 4pm to about 10pm is so infectious that you just want to stay the forever & luxuriate. 

The next best spot would probably be Woo bar on Seminyak beach too. Situated at the W hotel, Woobar is an amazing sunset spot, again replete with lounge beds & an added feature of amazing Sheesha. Soak in the fruity vapours, the lively pool & their Pomelo Salad
I highly recommend their varieties of Sangria and this one Candy Floss inspired Mocktail. 

Another funky spot is Ku De Ta at the Oberoi’s. The crowd here to people-watch is probably the best and their gastronomy at the fine dining portion of the club is top-notch. With a more international selection & beautifully-plated food, this one’s a little more upmarket and not as buzzing.

If you really want a clubby atmosphere and you’re done with the whole ‘salt in my hair, breeze on my face’ mood then I would tell you to head to Da Maria which is nowhere near a beach. 
This is the place to go to for a midnight binge. It’s a really nice pastel restaurant, full of fountains, swings & Tiffany blue striped walls, showcasing Nude art that converts into a club post 10 pm. They do something called a Disco + Pizza night. It’s phenomenal. It’s the only club I would go to because they serve one of the best Margherita Pizza you would’ve had outside Italy. 

Their oven is not wood-fired and instead runs on Lava Coal from Mt. Agung. Their homemade spritz, the DJ getting people to Dance & the cute Disco ball only add to the charm of the Pizza which for me was the main attraction at midnight! 


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