A Quaint spot for Sunday binge

A charming little café tucked above Ogaan in Malcha Marg market, Caara is a hidden gem. Ideal for a weekday lunch, early dinner, or a leisurely Sunday breakfast, the restaurant serves organic fare that is wholesome and packed with flavour. When I end up liking most of the things I try, I can’t help but not be mesmerised by the place. I started with a cappuccino and since it is an extremely cosy restaurant, the machine’s out in plain view and the aroma of my coffee being prepared hit me before it was served. They've also tied up with a cold-pressed juice company and thus, hey tick most boxes for an organic and healthy meal.

I started with chilli avocado and toast. Big chunks of avocado tossed with sesame, delicate chilli and limejuice according to your own preference over a slightly too sweet sourdough toast were my dream come true. What followed was the pesto chicken that was neatly presented with the moreish chilli lime rub potatoes that was delicious. I, however, like my chicken without the skin but I would still give this dish full marks. The pearl barley risotto was just the right consistency with the sapid flavours of bell pepper. The thing that stood out for me here was the variety of Italian cuisine for vegetarians that find themselves stuck in pizza and pasta in other cafes. The aubergine parmigiana was uniquely satisfying. Thick juicy slices of smoky eggplant alternating with crispy filo parmesan cheese offset with robust Mediterranean flavours of tomatoes, capers and olives further enhanced by chunks boconcini enrobed in more pesto (I’m not kidding, it really was the perfect pesto!). They say ‘you are as good as your last meal’; when you leave the place, this dish will stay with you.I finished it off with their Grandma’s carrot cake, which came in generous portion. The cake was topped with a mascarpone frosting that was avoidable. It was served with salted caramel that again was well-balanced and blueberries.

They’re supposed to have a terrace seating too but that wasn’t operational when I went due to the current sealing drive but in spite of the space being small they’ve managed to utilise it well. I loved the chairs, the grey-blue cushions and the old school chip marble flooring. The crockery too was whimsical in tones of blue with distinct patterns. The service was exceptional - the server was well-informed, made the right recommendations and served with a smile. They also have an extensive breakfast menu and knowing that their first outlet is at the British Council, I expected the food to be influenced by the British cuisine but that isn’t the case. I can’t wait to dine here again just to try the baked camembert with confit garlic and the chilli prawns!


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